Monday, February 21, 2011

20-2-2011 preparing for Nan Yang Interview & Tiny dot Series

Hello everyone! how is your CNY :)
Valerieyan Creations have a NEW packaging now for every handmade!!!
20-02-2011 morning preparing for Nan Yang News paper Interview in
Pipit Zakka Store.
a mountain of valerieyan creation's :D
Tiny Dot's Series is NOW selling in Pipit Zakka Store!!

Fluff: ''Hi everyone ! call me fluffy :D''

Teeth: ''you can call me little teeth!!''

Duckie: '' you may call me Duckie~''

''Mummy, I'm a duckie or birdie?''
mummy:'' I don't know either XD ''
This cute couple birdie is belongs to Mike & Ivery (creator of pipit) .
Birdie= Pipit
Hope you guys like it :D
New Flower hairband
Cute Shermaine be my model
Some Flower ring that customers order
Flower earing that customers order
Vintage Frame flower necklace that customers order
Some other's picture

Any questions or enquiry you may drop me an email at
or SMS to
012-7285766 Valerie.

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